00-granite-kingdom-cover-1A journey through Cornwall from the Tamar to the westernmost cliffs…

Tim Hannigan sets out on a meandering 300-mile journey through his own homeland, and along the way investigates the origins of Cornwall as an imaginative idea, and the connections between projections from without and identities from within…

“A magnificent work of travel and historical deconstruction – deeply personal, meticulously researched and hugely enjoyable. Hannigan reaches for Cornwall and shakes it, letting all the fantastic images settle – the gothic novels, the Celtic theories and tourist fantasies – to leave behind something solid and just as strange, just as distinctive, just as extraordinary.’ —  Philip Marsden

“’Beautifully researched and written with care. In a journey that is at once intimate and wide-ranging, Tim Hannigan takes the reader to the heart of Cornwall and Cornishness.’” — Wyl Menmuir

“Tim Hannigan writes with an authentic Cornish voice and a true
internationalist’s breadth of understanding.” — Patrick Gale

Available now from Head of Zeus